We started from Bangalore with only one motto no matter what, we have to reach Chennai and help as many people as possible with as much as we can !!
We have spread a word to friends and across social media for the helping hands and we were overwhelmed with the response we received. Humanity still exists no one can deny that and I don't think the word THANK YOU would be sufficient , I am out of words . Many have come forward contributed money, materials and few came forward for volunteering too. SPECIAL THANK YOU for you all!!
Atlast Yes, we made it as a Team. But again it would have not been possible without our Volunteers out their in Chennai - Sairam K Murali Vijay Siddharth Ramesh Niranjan,. Gautam Karthick , Dinesh, Anusha and friends and also Manoj and Team !! Guys you were amazing and THANK YOU SO MUCH (Romba Nandri) for the support and for all your work your doing now to support Chennai. They hardly sleep or eat, they have completely dedicated themselves for serving Chennai at this point of time.
Chennai people has wonderful hearts. The way they received us made me emotional and am still not out of that goose bumps moments I had experienced. Inspite of being affected with huge rains and no lack of food they were reaching us and offering tea/coffee and food to eat. Yes at one point I have cried, happy tears, seeing their hospitality. I have collected details and pics of few of such heros I met in Chennai during this relief fund distribution!! I will later write the story of each hero I met- Mr.KrishnMoorthy uncle, The ‪#‎Bhimas‬ Hotel Staff, A tea shop uncle, a stranger brother, ‪#‎BlueCross‬ and list goes on.
Areas we covered (Almost entire North Chennai)
Ashok nagar
Sulla pallam
Mgr nagar
Perambur mulakadai
Mkb nagar
TTK Nagar, Alwar pet ( Animal Rescue Sheet)
Ambedhkar nagar
anna salai
Uttara meero
Generally the truck drivers keep blabering even if the roads are good and they get irritated saying I cannot drive this long bla bla. We are very thankful in getting such patience and amazing truck drivers from Bangalore and from Vellore too. They were equally working hard in distributing this materials to area where it was filled with water. They have not uttered or blabered a single word and they have no complaints. They were always with a happy smile which made our efforts little easy. A Big THANK YOU to these drivers for their efforts !!
TEAM work. Yes, I have got an extraordinary team which we got connected thru social media on only one motto to help Chennai. The team most of them were new but the co ordination and the team efforts were extraordinary just like them !! SPECIAL THANK YOU to my team without them this would have not been possible at all !! We have travelled from Bangalore to Chennai in trucks , but it didn't really matter how we are traveling, what matters is why and that has been served. 

Team Wehelp- CRF 

Over twenty Bags of clothes were donated to the Uttarakhand Region, flood effected victims from “WE HELP” through “GOONJ” organization. We would like to thank Satish and his team from Pridarshini Engineering College for their contributions and efforts that they have taken for the cause.
Thanks a load for the support to all the “WE HELP” volunteers who are directly or indirectly involved in this initiative.

WE HELP is a Non-Profit, Non-Religious, Non-Governmental and Non Political organization. This organization was established in December 2009 with the initiative to be a helping hand to an orphanage in Hyderabad.

Our Motto is get social awareness through our activities into the society. So We formed a group, to do more diversified activities that spread vastly into the communities.

Pooja, A Student from St.Anns High School. She was a girl from a family which strive hard only to fulfill their minimum necessities. We Took the Initiative to raise funds for a child towards her fee payment for 10th Standard. She secured 80% of marks in her exams.

We Believe that NoOne has ever become poor by GIVING !! The pleasure of giving to homeless gives us back immense happiness!! Food Donation to the homeless/needy. We have distributed 200 food packets and water packets in different areas BHEL,Chandanagar,Lingampalli,Gachibowli,Miyapur,Kukatpally,Hitech City,Banjarahills and Kothaguda !!

DATE : 23rd March (SATURDAY)
Timing : 2PM to 4PM
Venue : SAHAYA FOUNDATION, Near Gandhi Mart, NizamPet X roads.
Project : Free Medical Checkup for the under privilieged, orphan and abonded kids in the SAHAYA ORPHANAGE.

SAHAYA Foundation is a non-profit organization located at Nizampet Cross roads, aiding underprivileged children - orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable   groups. Their main mission is to  change lives of such children - by providing them with long-term care. This includes basic needs, education and healthcare, and skills necessary to transform them into responsible citizens

We organized the medical camp in which around 200 people were given the free Checkup at the medical camp during the day. The medical camp provided free tests for Health check-up, Blood Pressure and offered counseling & treatment by trained Doctors and Specialists. Apart from doctors, the We Help volunteers summed up to 20 members at the camp.

Since being healthy is very important for fulfilling our dreams, we took initiative to ensure that the children are healthy. We initiated FREE HEALTH CHECK UP for the children in SAHAYA FOUNDATION by very experienced and specialist Dr.CH.Maruthi (Pediatric Surgeon) from YASHODA Hospitals. Many health issues were queried and were addressed by the Doctor.

The drive was started in December 2012 and continued up to the January 2013. We planned for lots of in-kind woolens donations, in which there were some individual contributions as well. All the Team Members of We Help involved in this activity to distribute the blankets in different areas of the city which include Below Gachibowli Flyover, Serilingampalli MMTS Railway Station, Manikonda Slum Area etc.

We are indebted to our donors and well-wishers without whom we couldn't make this happen.